What kind of "sanitary mask" is dustproof, keep you for from COVID

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What kind of "sanitary mask" is dustproof, keep you for from COVID

With circumstances surrounded by health catastrophes such as diseases, The return of COVID-19 at all times and the PM 2.5 micro-fine dust, which is becoming more concentrated every moment. Wearing masks all the time reduces the risk of developing health.

Sanitary masks chosen by situation

1. Medical sanitary masks or 3 paper tier masks

2. Carbon mask

The dark carbon-based sanitary mask has no difference from medical mask, but there will be a carbon layer for better filters out unwanted smoke and odors.

3. N95 Mask

It's a mask with high usability. The essence of this type of mask is the shape that can cover down in front of the nose and mouth in a tight manner (some models also have breathing openings).

4. Fabric Mask

The cloth mask can be washed and reused so it is more economical than the others. The fine dust prevention temperature will not be able to filter germs with very small particle sizes because the fabric contains large fibers, making it good for waterproofing.

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