Working Safety with A-shaped Ladder

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Working Safety with A-shaped Ladder

1 When setting up, it shall be located facing toward the door. It should not set aside. Since when we work on high position, it can be tilted and fallen down. Turning straight to the work allows us to more stabilize even when working hard or moving during work.

2. Climbing up the ladder, you shouldn't step up to the top end (the highest point of the ladder), as it leaves no place to hold the handle and may fall down.

3. The suitable height for A-shaped ladder is the third step from the top down, which will be the point where we best take the weight down. Put your legs and body attached to ladder for stability.

4. Working in straight posture. Do not bend back and forth. Try to hold your body to the middle of the ladder, the most stable point, and we can exert our full force with the ladder not moving.

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