Prevent the venomous animals in rainy season

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Prevent the venomous animals in rainy season

In rainy season, wet ground is beloved by venomous animals such as rodents, snakes. By the result, we should pay more attention to indoor area because uninvited animals such as rodents, poisonous reptiles, woolly reptiles can sometimes be found in toilets, front of the house and bedroom. We need to make house more air ventilation, reduce moisture, and if any cracks, large holes on the wall and floor, immediately fix them to prevent snaps from the house.

To tell the Secret by NST how to prevent venomous animal in rainy season

Calcium Hydroxide, sprinkle over the ground.

High humidity soil is often the source of venomous animal such as malicious, including rain bugs, little crickets. Use calcium hydroxide sprinkle over the ground and garden areas will drive the habitat of all these beasts elsewhere.

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