Enhances more safety: Use Ladder

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Enhances more safety: Use Ladder

1. A ladder fastener is for fastening a ladder to the wall for stability. The fastener made of nylon, sticky and strong (same as the wire used for towing) can tie the leg of the ladder to the fixed building parts such as a cagey or strong window frame.

2. Wall mounting loops is secured the ladder on smooth wall. We need to hammer metal rings into the walls to insert the ladder fasteners. Loops must be strong and unsharp to prevent damage to the anchorage.

3. In case of no fastener, we use the rope instead. Make it firmly tied and fastened the top of ladder to the strong body of the building. This made it stability, does not slip or slide when we work on a high place.

4. Smooth wooden panel are used for support ladder’s legs in unsmooth or soft ground. Doing this make the ladder stand on a flat, tight floor that doesn't lean back and forth.

5. Ladder leg lock by making wood structure to keep the ladder from moving, make it strong so that you don't need a hand to hold on the ladder.

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