Disposable Aluminium Processing Technology

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Aluminium scrap processing technology is in concern of many factories and organizations. Aluminium waste processing not only recurs aluminium waste but also effectively reduces raw material costs. Disposable aluminium processing process generally goes through four basic processes.

(1) Preparation of aluminium waste, preliminary classification of aluminum waste, is carried out and classified and adhered such as pure aluminium, malformed aluminium alloy, casted aluminium. For waste aluminium products, the steel and non-steel parts connected to them shall be demolished. The aluminium is then made into a waste aluminium through magnetic separation. Separating aluminium liquid is the development direction of aluminium recycling in the future. It combines reconstruction of aluminium that not only shortens the process but also reduces air pollution at maximum levels and ensures a net greatly improved of metal recovery.

(2) The preparation and qualification of the disposable aluminium in accordance to the technical specifications of recycled products are to select and calculate the number of materials together with metal oxidation loss should be in consideration. Silicon and magnesium oxidation burn loss is larger than other elements. The combinations should be considered experimentally in advance. Physical specification and surface cleanliness of disposable aluminium materials will directly affect the quality of recycled products and metal production. Non-sanitary oiled from disposable aluminium will have as much as 20% of the emulsifier entering the grating.

(3) Malformed aluminium can produce aluminium alloys. The reforming form of the aluminium alloy is 3003, 3105, 3004, 3005, 5050, etc., and mainly manufactures the metal alloy 3105 to ensure that the chemical composition of the metal alloy material meets the technical specifications and process requirements of pressure processing, and the die should be added.

(4) Only a small portion of aluminum alloy material is used. Reclaimed alloys that are reused as irregularly shaped aluminum alloys and about four-quarters deoxidizer are produced for steel production and are mostly used for claims.

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