Getting to know the T-Bar Ceiling Panel

Last updated: 6 Jul 2022  |  2064 Views  | 


The kind of ceiling panel contains aluminium frame in upside down T-shaped with slots secured roof structure. Gypsum plate closing the slot is 60 x 60 cm. This type of ceiling panel is suitable for small rooms because in implement to large room, there may be a problem when looking at the ceiling, you can see waves throughout the entire panel.

Apart T-Shaped ceiling panel is not fit to high rise building or ahigh floor suit. Very strong wind might have caused damage to panel as well also caused the dust to fall. However, its advantage is that you can easily open and take it off. Moreover, it's also cheaper than gypsum ceiling panel.

Getting to know the T-Shaped ceiling panel, whether its beauty, decoration, blindfolding untidy subjects like water pipes or wires along the ceiling as well as reducing noise from the room, we should pay much attention to our room ceiling as well.

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