Safety use Aluminium Ladder with electricity

Last updated: 6 Jul 2022  |  1378 Views  | 


1.       Consider the height size, we should use ladders with appropriate size. This case the step straight ladder provides us more convenient the it can be adjusted on height.

2.       Check the ground surface that you would like to set the ladder up if A-Shaped or straight ladder is more convenient.  In case of changing or installing a lamp bulb, ceiling in the house in the middle of the room, the A-shaped ladder is most suitable, but if it is replacing a light bulb in front of a very high-rise house, straight ladder would be a better option, etc.

3.       Carefully check ground condition. If it is not smooth, type of ladder must be changed such as changing the light bulb should use straight ladder which can slice up and down for adjusting height of ladder to most convenient situation.

4.       Don't forget to cut off the main fuse. Do not risk with short circuit.

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