5 advantages of Aluminium Door to Modern houses.

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5 advantages of Aluminium Door to Modern houses.

1. Aluminium is more durable than wood and vinyl. Aluminium door and Aluminium windows are resistant to sun, wind, rain, and heat also are not crispy and fragile.

2. Alminium reduces the problem of leakage between the joints because the aluminium surface is strong and durable.  Manufacturing can iron thin but strong sheet which can joint between the plates more closely, reducing the problem of leakage.

3. Aluminium can be benched as much for various type and design of doors.

4.Aluminium is convenient to install and disassemble and its light weight can deliver over the country. All technicians can disassemble aluminum throughout Thailand.

5.Easy for cleaning.  Aluminium door, aluminium window are durable sun, wind and rain-resistant and no rusty. Cleaning with just a splash of water or general oil is enough.
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