Why “Aluminium” is World Greatest Materials.

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Why “Aluminium” is World Greatest Materials.

New Sangthai will take you to understand the basics character of aluminum so that you can choose and use them correctly.

1st important character is that aluminium is light weight. Do you believe that aluminium is only one-third of steel and copper?  That’s why aluminium is mostly used in airplane, automobile production.

Aluminum is actually easy to cut and bend. However, when we need strength, we would add other materials such as magnesium, silicon, copper, and manganese. Then we're going to get an alloy in suitable quality for various kinds of furniture.

The reason why aluminium is not easily corroded is when aluminium is exposed by air, thin film layer called "aluminum oxide" is formed, various corrosion and acids are well prevented.

In addition, aluminium is 3 times better conductor of heat and cool than steel! This makes aluminum play a role in our daily lives because it is also an integral part of the refrigerator and various kitchen utensils.


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