Aluminium and Industry

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Aluminium and Industry

By the special features of aluminium such as light weight, high-strength, allow aluminium to take the place of steel. Nowadays, aluminium is being used in a wide range of industries, including:

Construction industry

Aluminium has been used as main raw materials for construction equipment, and home decorations. Due to its durability characteristics, light weight and good reflectivity, aluminium is used instead of wood and steel in construction, including door frames, window frames, pawls, armpits, glass devices, basins, handles, bridges, aluminum ladders, platelets, and various infrastructure.

Electricity industry

Aluminium has inherent properties. It is well conductive, durable, lightweight and no rusty. As a result, it is used as an electrical medium instead of copper, especially high-voltage electric wires. Aluminium is only one-third weight of copper and is also used as electronic parts, various electrical appliances, etc.

Transportation industry

Aluminium is advantageous in of its light weight, non-rusting, longer-lasting, high-strength. Aluminium alloys can stand high pressure, so they are popular for production of vehicles and equipment parts such as airplanes, decorated components in airplanes, engines, car, wheels, bikes, trains, high speed ship and high-speed train etc.

Packaging industry

Aluminum can maintain its value. It is fed without chemical reactions, packed food tanks, non-rusting, and light weight, so it is made into various containers such as aluminum cans, aluminum foil, household appliances, etc.

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