Where to find Aluminium Extrusion?

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Where to find Aluminium Extrusion?

ALUMINUM EXTRUSION is performed by undergoes line-shaped deformation through a mold with a cross-sectional face determining the shape and structure, which can be described as spaghetti line in different cross-section according to the mold.


1.The work mainly show aluminium cut lines such as aluminium construction work including curtain wall, glass walls, door frames, window frames. roof, sunroof, façade, aluminium ladder and Louver.

2.The work partly show aluminium cut line, not as a main factor, including automobile parts, trucks, ships, electric vehicles, or machine parts, furniture, vehicle parts.

3. The work in which aluminium hidden inside as mechanical, technological support, in various industries, for example, heat sinks, cooling systems, electronic devices and computer components.

New Sang Thai services for aluminium extrusion designs and shapes as customer requests. Produced by 6063 T5 aluminium grade, suitable for construction, production, assembling and distributing Thai aluminum products such as aluminum ladders, aluminum louver, aluminum hinges and other construction materials.


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