Types of Aluminium forming

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Types of Aluminium forming

  1. Aluminium casting and 2. Aluminium wrought

    1.Cast Aluminum is performed by a process in which molten metal is impregnated in the mold with high pressure, several types as follows: hot casting, cold casting, low pressure casting, vacuum casting, compressed casting, and semi-solid metal casting.

    2. The use of force up, aluminium wrought is divided into extrusion, rolling and forging.

    Aluminium extrusion is the most popular way owing that it produces constant cross-sectional area with continuous long string. The compressed pattern is close to the mold, providing reliable standardization, and can also produce aluminum with various complex patterns, which reduces cost of decoration in various equipment compared to other forms.

    The extrusion process formed aluminium by heat and force the hydraulic actuator through the shaped opening. Then the compressed material protrudes into long pieces the same shape as the mold.

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