5 Aluminum Features for Earth Preservation Materials

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5 Aluminum Features for Earth Preservation Materials

Aluminium is an important metal, widely used among Light Metals. Aluminium has many distinctive properties: light weight, high strength, and these properties allow aluminium to take over the use of steel.

1.Light density, light weight, and 2.7 tensile strength, while steel holds 7.8. It is commonly used to make wooden tools as well as some parts in a rocket and missile.

2.It's very sticky, can be shaped by different ways without damage or fracture.

3.It's non-toxic metal and has high thermal conductivity value, useful to make cooking containers, boil food, and wrapped food.

4. Rusty and abrasion resistance in general use but it does not withstand corrosion of old and common acid stains.

5.It's easy to buy and not very expensive.

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