Safety House for Long Holidays.

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Safety House for Long Holidays.

This is to know that economic problem cause lots of social problem such as unemployment, robbery and so on. New Sangthai suggests the way to be safe both your belonging and people around as follows:

- Keep your valuable or important documents in a safe place, such as a bank or security box.

- Remove the power of appliances.  Also, before leaving the house, switch the breaker to protect fire accident.

- Check the windows, doors and have them locked tightly to prevent thieves from entering the house to steal property.

- Did set up a security system such as a CCTV or a burglarproof signal that can notify unusual things inside the house, and always check them out when you're not at home.

- Tell your neighbor that you're away. if you find out something wrong, report it directly to the police.

And finally, in traveling around places, don't forget to keep social distance.

This is to prevent the risk of Covid-19.

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