New Sangthai suggests sacred objects for workplace

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New Sangthai suggests sacred objects for workplace

Many people think that putting a picture of auspicious animals or zodiac picture will help work enhancement.  However, it may create a "Chong" with others, unbalanced, unsupported energy, such as supervisor, colleague, or company founding year (but not for executives with a private office). We recommend other kinds of scared objects for working desk such as LED lamps, scented candles, promotes good energy, suitable for people who work on design and creativity.

Water hourglass, Table-sized Huangqui Fountain, Fountain Balls help promoting wealth, creating financial luck. It believed that liquid and moving jewelry would keep money flowing and pouring out, suitable for people who do business or have a trade.

Thornless trees: help promoting progress in career, suitable for all occupations. You should find ornamental trees such as Vassana, Aom ngen- Aom Thong, Guanim Ngen, etc. (For diamond cactus, in principle, it should not be placed on the desk because it is a thorny tree, which is a personal belief).

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