Aluminium to Prosthetic legs

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Aluminium to Prosthetic legs

Soft drink cans, beverage lids, aluminum rings, staples and machine parts, these are not just trash? This is considered as valuable and important materials for in producing prosthetic legs.

Currently, parts of prosthetic legs produced by the Prostheses Foundation are made of two metals: high-graded aluminum and rusty less steel (or stainless steel). They are more sticky than standard aluminum. Most of the prosthetic legs are from donation of rings, lids, cans or aluminum-based materials. Those will be changed to light weight prosthetic legs. The distribution for free.

Aluminium that can be changed to prosthetic legs as follows:

Drinking water can lids

Spiral beverage lids

Beverage lids

Soft drink cans

Aluminium joints, hinges, fences

Parts of vehicle equipment and spare parts

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