New Sangthai share 5 ways to refresh yourself after long vacation

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New Sangthai share 5 ways to refresh yourself after long vacation

Many people are in depression and laziness after long holidays celebrating the New Year or major festivals. New Sang Thai has good techniques, easy to refresh yourself to new good things.

1.   Go back from vacation 1 day before working

If you go to travel or visit upcountry, you should be back 1 day before you have to start working or studying. Your body need a real break such as lazy day for long sleep.

2.   Exercise

You should not stop exercise even long vacation. You might go through lots of activities such as napping, traveling and celebrating. Exercise makes you energizing and active. The exercise during long period of vacation make you feel energy and don’t have to be anxious of weight gaining by high consuming in long holiday.

3.   Organize your room or workplace

Travelling increases your vitality, recharges your battery and rests your mind. Organizing workplace or rearranging your room can make you feel more refreshed. Separating items that still need to be used regularly and items that don't need to be used as well as organizing them will help cleaning your room or desk. This increases more comfortable and good feeling to you and your environment.

4.   Change your style

If you have not often changed your hair or dress, kept your hair the same style, worn the same clothes.  New Year is a good time to try something new. Cutting your hair that enhances your personality may make you look younger for years, or changing a few pieces of clothing can create quite a new color for yourself and people next to you. This is not having to run out of cabinets, just one or two accessories are enough. Think that’s giving yourself a reward.

5.   Set a new goal, always challenge yourself.

If you don't want to be depressed from the beginning of year, try to set new challenges such as joining photography class, baking class, and sport club. Some might intend to try traveling abroad for the first time. Challenging yourself will help you stay energetic. It may not be a big goal, but it's something you really like or interest. Then you can easily do it well.

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