Suitable height for aluminium ladder

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Suitable height for aluminium ladder

  It is difficult to select the suitable height for your ladder. There is a difference between real height and period of use. For safety you should not stand on top of ladder. For straight and folding ladder, you should be at least 3 steps from top as standard distance is at 1 foot to 2-3 feet step height.

Slide straight ladder must be expanded at 3-5 feet at period of use. To go up the roof or platform, it should be expanded more than 3 feet. Also, it should be straight and laid at proper corner.

Suitable height for aluminium ladder

1.       Stairway must not over than 20 feet.

2.       Step straight ladder must not over than 60 feet.

3.       Straight ladder must not over than 30 feet.

4.       Expanding ladder must be at ¼ of height apart from wall.

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