How to use aluminium flat sheet?

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How to use aluminium flat sheet?

The uniqueness of aluminium flat sheet is useful and famous in industrial and other works. Today we will talk about general use of aluminium flat sheet that we use in industrial work, design and daily life.

• Roof – You might have not believed that aluminum can be used as Roof. This is because of its light weight, strong, and excellent anti corrosion

• Ceiling decoration – aluminium flat sheet with painted and coated can use in interior design and ceiling for beautiful and durable.

• Vehicle manufacturer – Aluminum 6082 has medium strength and good for corrosion resistance. This is suitable in vehicle manufacture work such as aluminium grade T6 used for aircraft body and alloy used for automobile body.

• Reflector – The excellent character of aluminium reflection from both heat and light makes it useful to be reflective lamps and heat transmission lamps.

• Floor and wall – aluminium flat sheet can prevent slipping and damage so that it’s worth for flooring to large building and factories which require high durable and used by lots of people

Aluminium flat sheet gains more popular both in decorative and structural work. This is from its uniqueness, beauty and easy to clean. It is suitable for home and work place and can be useful in all industries from enormous enterprises to small houses.

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