Differences of aluminium painted coating, spraying and baking

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Differences of aluminium painted coating, spraying and baking

Aluminium is mostly found in silver grey color which is natural color of steel-based materials. To tell the truth this kind of material can also be colored. 3 main methods to color aluminium include painted coating, painted spraying and painted baking. For clear understanding, we will clarify the differences of these 3 painted processes.

Aluminium painted coating

Aluminium painted coating called Anodizing which is closed to electrostatic coating. However, the anodizing uses electrode which is more electromotive force also no surface adhesion from other metals. The advantage of the anodizing is that it reduces the corrosion from material's oxide. Anodizing produced lots of small porous on aluminium’s surface. When paint get into these porous it becomes coated surface which protect the aluminium together with beautiful color.

Aluminium painted spraying

Aluminium painted spraying is famous on powder coating. The reason that water color is not famous is that it effects on environment. Meanwhile, powder coating provides no side effect to users as well as cheaper and more color. Furthermore, powder coating is very good idea for color shading on the aluminium surface such as Sahara painted spraying, Metallic painted spraying etc. Due to its flexibility, powder coating is not damaged by crashes, or bending when forced. Most important advantage is the powder coating can protect UV and corrosion. 

Aluminum painted baking
The last process to painted alumnium s similar to painted spraying. It is to spray powder coat to the materials. and then bake it by heat. This process can produce more long-lasting color than others. However, it is more complicated and expensive but more beautiful and unique.

Each aluminium painted processes have got its differences and advantages. Users must consider on conveniences, duration, color, type and budget.

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