Can the red road surface be anti-slip? – New Sangthai has the answer.

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Can the red road surface be anti-slip? – New Sangthai has the answer.

Many drivers may have seen red paint on the road surface and questioned that "Can that paint really help you slip?"  New Sangthai is taking you to the answer.

Red color on the road surface along various curves, called "Anti-Skid," is a type of traffic color, which is more refined. Normally road's polarity is 45 to 50%, but when we use Anti-Skid, the road's polarity increases to 60 to 70%, or 20% more.

Furthermore, red color is signage for drivers to be more carefully or aware of more dangerous than usual. If it's a normal turn, not so risky, we use the surface splashing called "Para slurry seal" without color. The color is useful in the risky point.

Nowadays, the Department of Highway Administration has issued a regulation saying, drivers may be seen, "To use the red Anti-Skid only at-risk points while general arcs only use Para slurry seal."

On the contrary: Painting red on the road surface can 20% keep cars from slipping along the various dangerous curves and reduce accidents, but drivers should also drive at the right speed, and not be careless.
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