Aluminium industry trend in 2022 Environment cost is affected on price.

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 Aluminium industry trend in 2022 Environment cost is affected on price.

One of the key factors affecting the aluminum production chain is the environmental issues. To reduce sea pollution causing aluminium can production grown continuously especially in America and Europe. Whereas investment in aluminum production cost no rather than 1 million tons a year till 2025.

Given the shortage of clean electricity and rising energy prices, all countries that have announced carbon neutral and NetZero policies do as announced at the COP26 meeting.  We are likely to see aluminium prices rise in the range of $4,000-5,000 a ton in the future.

Aluminium also has a marketing fee that we have to pay more, called market premium, which soared by $205 per ton at the end of last year and has fallen by the end of last month, but has been on the rise in the global situation. In the US market, it has reached $718 per ton over the past month, which is all the cost of additional payment.

Meanwhile, paying attention to global warming situation, especially the European Green Deal, which in physical fact the European Union started prior other counties, CBAM as an extension of the EU Employment Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) is expected to take effect from 1 January 2023 and begin to cost effectively on the EU industry. Aluminium, which has been exported to the European Union, is required to incur additional costs due to the fee for carbon dioxide emissions through the CBAM certificates.


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