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Newcon Black Folding Ladder


Newcon Black Folding Ladder 1 way up and down stairway / Size 2-12 Feet Distributor of NEWCON Black Folding Ladder: 1.5 mm / Black color



Folding ladder trusted and belong to Thais years.  Strength as export standard.  Ladder is available in slim, thick, and super thick types as/ single stairway and double stairways. The ladder is suitable for those who go up height or attend to various activities such as installing CCTV, air-condition, changing light bulb, indoor and outdoor constructing altogether with photographing. Light, beautiful, unique, and modern style.


Safety with A Shaped Folding Ladder

  • When spreading the ladder, recheck the hinge arms; they must be in locked and straight condition.
  • Only put ladders on a stable and level surface that is not slippery. Make sure that the ladder is set on a solid and level surface.
  • Do not sit or stand on the top of ladder.
  • Use stairway to hold and climb the ladder.
  • Only one person on a ladder at a time. Wait until the other person has stepped off the ladder before another person uses it.
  • Put your hip in the center of the ladder while climbing ladder might have fallen if go left or right too much.
  • Remove all equipment and materials from the ladder before folding and unfolding?
  • Do not lean the ladder against the wall or things.
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