NEWCON Slim Folding Ladder (1.5mm) 2 ways up and down stairway


NEWCON Slim Folding Ladder (1.5mm) 2 ways up and down stairway; Size 3-12 feet


Newcon BARCO Folding ladder, trusted and belong to Thais years.  Strength as export standard.  Newcon BARCO is available in slim, thick, and super thick types as well single stairway and double stairways and 1,2,3 folded stepladder. The ladder is suitable for those who go up height or attend to various activities such as installing CCTV, air-condition, changing light bulb, indoor and outdoor constructing altogether with photographing. Light, beautiful, unique, and modern style.

Safety with A Shaped Folding Ladder

  • When spread the ladder, recheck the loaded arms, must be in locked and straight condition.
  • Do not put the ladder in unstable unequal ground and the ladder’s legs must stick to the ground.
  • Do not sit or stand on the tip of ladder.
  • Use stairway to climb the ladder.
  • Do not climb up and down more than 1 person/ time.
  • Put your hip in the center of the ladder while climbing ladder might have fallen if go left or right too much.
  • Take all equipment and materials off the ladder before folding or taking out.
  • Do not lean the ladder against the wall or things.
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