3 main unknown actions caused Aluminium damaged.

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3 main unknown actions caused Aluminium damaged.

Most of aluminium fitted to condominiums or distribution houses are quality-selected aluminium because they not only have to keep out the strong wind on the top of high-rise buildings, but also have to keep out the rain and sun that may come inside the building.  However, sometimes room owners may innocently harm aluminium.


1.       You should not put adhesive tape on aluminium window because when the tape is exposed by heat, the aluminum window is firmly exposed to tape's stickiness. When time passes, aluminium window will be damaged and if you try to remove the tape by sharp item, that might increase more damage.

2.       Do not scratch aluminium by sharp items because if the aluminum window is not standardized or does not go through enough good baking, it can be damaged and deformed.

3.       Belief that acids and blemishes harm aluminium surface is a false. Most people think that cleaning aluminium with acids and blemishes because its corrosion.

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