Getting to know Butt Hinges

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Getting to know Butt Hinges

Hinge, or Butt Hinge is an important device to carry weight of the door, window, and front furniture into the frog body, to make it easy to open and close. The installation is called notching which requires accurate buckling by a skilled technician so that the position of mounting the hinge does not go wrong. If it is installed incorrectly, it is difficult to fix.

1. Butterfly hinge

It is the most popular, for installation of windows, and all forms of doors. it is easy to install, and does not require door and frog banding. It reduces installation errors. It is also strong, durable, beautiful, and has many sizes to choosing according to the weight and size of the standard door.

2. Cup hinge

Houses equipped with floating furniture or built-in furniture should have seen cup hinges, as they are used to install virtually any furniture in the house, such as kitchen cabinets, closets, shoe cabinets, and TV shelves. The cup hinges help open and close the front, which is now a soft close to make it easy to open without loud banging.

3. Elbow hinge

It is used to install with the furniture that is the opening up at the top, and the appearance of the hinge is different from the conventional hinge. It has a beautiful design, and when it is mounted with a set of furs, it will further enhance modernity.

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