5 advantages "aluminium foil tray" FOOD GRAD packaging!

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5 advantages "aluminium foil tray" FOOD GRAD packaging!

Aluminium foil tray is considered a popular packaging in Korea. It carries food, or sweets because aluminium foil trays are characterized by helping to maintain the heat of food well and are convenient for transportation or movement.

The foil tray contains a material made of aluminum that has undergone soldering. And are ironed or shaped to the desired shape and size. Aluminium foil trays contain as much as 90% aluminium alloys. Materials used as Food Grad materials can be used to package food without harm to consumers. Aluminium alloys are highly heat-resistant and cold-resistant, non-toxic, rust-resistant, not easily corroded, and are good at soft acidity, and are not difficult to obtain and the price is not too high. Accordingly, aluminium is a conductive material such as a pan, cup, plate, bowl, spoon, tray etc.

1. It can withstand as much cold as -40 to -280 degrees with a floating melting point. The 600-degree garage is called very heat-resistant, so it can be taken into the oven comfortably.

2. It is heat insulated, and it can absorb cooling quickly. When you take it out of the oven, it cools quickly, and you don't burn your hands easily.

3. Aluminium foil tray packaging characteristics help increase value and reliability.

4. There is no smell, and it can contain any form of food, sweet cow food. Snacks, bakeries etc. can be put on without worrying about the smell of metal mingling with food.

5. Durable Aluminium is a relatively sticky metal. Thus, you can all worry about the problem of leaking candy, or the tray being torn into holes (but if you use too much force, you can tear the tray.
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